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"I identify myself as gender queer. Being queer is not putting myself in a box, or rather, putting a tag over my identity. Initially i wasn't sure about anything. While in my 12th grade, i realized, i wasn't into girls, 

hence assumed myself to be asexual. I later tried being with guys too, which again didn’t turn out to be as expected. Soon after this, I decided to come out to a close school friend. As far as I remember, I was all sobbing on call the whole time, and she was trying to hold me up. She was supportive of it all along


“I identity myself as a homosexual male. My coming out experience to my immediate family, that being solely my mother was rather comical and surprisingly conducted on a positive note.


At age 14, my mother discovered me sexting with another male individual of 16, and like an intellectual, diligent and concerned mother that she was, she rather sought the assistance of 'wiki how' on the subject "my son is gay, what am I to do now". She no doubt confronted me about the latter (since clearly wikihow 



"Coming out was a really big event of my live. It was one of the biggest turning points. The first thing to
coming out is “accepting yourself” first. You have to accept yourself as to who you are and should be
proud of it.


During my schooling, I was bullied a LOT. Right from the way I talked, the way I walked or even just
because I was a bit different. Bullying came in physical, verbal and many other forms. And I really didn’t
speak up against it because I myself considered it to be a taboo. I kept telling myself that it was wrong



"I identify myself as a Bisexual. I was in 8th standard when I discovered about my sexuality, though I'm not out to most people yet, only a few close friends are aware of my sexuality. I didn't really face any hardships in my life, my friends have been very supportive about it

 and my college is the total opposite of the homophobic environment the rest of the country is.

I haven't been abused or bullied in my life, which I am grateful of. My true self is of a guy, though people might have the perspective of a gay or a bisexual man to be sissy and girly, but I'm not that. Not that I do



“I identify myself as bisexual. For, as long as I can remember I have always been attracted to males, but it was later in my life that I realized I had a similar attraction to females as well. At that I time I didn't know what being gay or being bisexual meant.

I didn't even know it was a thing to be honest. I never knew it was considered inappropriate to be this way in society. The only struggle I still go through is telling my family although I am out to almost all my friends and they have been supportive of it since the very beginning. I was very feminine during my 



"I identify myself as a Pansexual. 

I studied in a boarding school so I shared my room with other girls. I once tried having an intimate

relationship with a girl from my hostel, it felt great and something I desired to have in my future.

I told my friends about it and they were all very surprised, but very supportive as well. I first thought I was bisexual and found myself inclining towards females, but later, as I met more people from my community I realised it wasn't any gender but the persona of the human itself,  that I'm attracted to. That's how I truly 



"31st  March, 2015, was the date when I was outed to my family; I came out while frying pakoras.
Coming out while frying pakoras? It’s like picking your friend’s nose, something which you probably don’t want to do.

So I was frying pakoras for a lady guest who happened to be my crush’s mother. The lady, while sipping  tea, made a casual statement to my mother, “Bhenji don’t mind but aapke bete ko gay ki bimari hai isse doctor ko dikhao”. As soon as she completed her sentence, I was already shouting with a



"i identify myself as a Bisexual man. I came out in 2018 first to my ex girlfriend. When I told her, she was taken a back. She didn't reply for half an hour. I have been quite sure that I am a man, although I have had enough of feminine tendencies.

I like what the society calls feminine elements such as, bindi, nail paints, nose pins, etc. I like women's clothes more than men's. I live in an environment where I have rarely faced biphobia. Honestly, very drastically, I have started to become a happier person. I've never been abused about my sexuality, and have 




"I'm 18 years old and I'm gay. I think 'coming out' is very subject, and different from individual to individual. I find myself very lucky, to say that, the people that (are important to me) have surrounded me, or surround me, were and are,

pretty open about LGBTQIA+ community. I never 'came out' to my friends per se, they just knew it. I did come out to a few of them actually, but it was more about me telling myself that I am Queer rather than them knowing it. They are pretty cool about the way I am, and we often discuss men together.



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