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Founded in 2016, Zephyr -the film and photography society of the College of Vocational Studies, started with the aim of providing a platform for enthusiasts who have a passion for photography and videography.
​Being a part of Zephyr is not only about knowing the technicalities and complexities of taking the perfect shot, it is about making something simple stand out.
We believe in telling stories untold by expressing what we see through our lens and making every moment we capture worthwhile.
What started as an idea to empower photography as a meaningful skill has now germinated into a community full of talented Photographers and Videographers.
Zephyr empowers us to create a unique vision. To us, photography is about people being veritable and after that allowing us to depict that moment to remember it until the end of time.
Zephyr, throughout the years, has won numerous accolades for the college by performing impeccably in competitions held in different colleges in the fields of photography, and filmmaking.

Zephyr has also organized many events and exhibitions inside as well as outside the college. There have also been many successful collaborations with media houses and other colleges that we have been able to achieve.
Zephyr is now one of the most popular and reputed societies in all of Delhi University with a generous amount of likes on Facebook and a good reach on Instagram. We also have our social media handles on Twitter
and LinkedIn where we are trying to reach out to those who have the same interests as us.
Zephyr organizes its annual photography exhibition “Invision'' each year during the annual fest of the college where we showcase all the work done by the society for the year through various themes.

This year, we had the privilege to present our work online and offline.
Now, we present to you the themes for this year: Minimalism, We Local, Slice of Life and Journey of an Artist.

​We, at Zephyr, strive to instill photography as a passion, not just a mere hobby. We Aim to bring change in the society’s perspective and uplift the obscure section of the society.

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